In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury



40mm Fan i3/Witbox

£6.00 Code A10020

A replacement 40mm fan for the BQ Hephestos i3 Hephestos 2 and Witbox 1 with connector *Note not sutable for Witbox 2*

BQ HeatCore Classic Hot-End

£39.90 Code A10033

Box contents 1 x Hot-End with a 40W 12V ceramic cartridge heater and 100K NTC thermistor Electronics Hot-End Fully Assembled Connections 100k Thermisor Compatibility bq Witbox, Prusa i3 Hephestos

BQ Unibody HeatCore Nozzle Cleaning Service

£20.00 Code A10018

BQ Unibody HeatCore Nozzle Cleaning Service Having problems with blocked nozzles? Then send us your blocked BQ Unibody Heatcore nozzle (make sure it is the same as pictured) and we will clean it out and also replace the ptfe lining price includes return shipping. Please purchase this service before sending the nozzle. Please note the thermistor wire and heating element are delicate so if you send them with the nozzle please package well as we will not be responsible for broken wires.

bq Zowi

£119.99 Code A10040

Meet Zowi. This friendly robot has one purpose: to teach kids that technology can be transparent, proximate and fun. In addition to being a toy, it is also an educational ecosystem with an extensive pedagogical pathway. What's more, it is an open source robot: the physical design, the code and the app have all been made freely available so that anyone can understand it and modify it. Ready to play. When you take it out of the box, it already knows how to do a few things, but it wants you to teach it a whole lot more. It can walk, dance, dodge obstacles, emit sounds and make mouth gestures. Press the buttons at the back and explore the basic functions: 1. Dance: Zowi will surprise you with original dances moves, thanks to the four motors that operate the feet. 2. Walk and dodge obstacles: Zowi’s eyes are actually ultrasound sensors. Place an object or your hand in front of the eyes and it will dodge them to avoid a collision. 3. It responds to taps on the head and nearby sounds: Zowi has a microphone which it uses to listen to what's happening around it. Trying clapping or tapping it on the head and see how it reacts. Download the Zowi App! Zowi can communicate and be controlled via Bluetooth using the Zowi App. You’ll find different games and activities in the app and new functions will be unlocked as you play. Discover them all! Play: enjoy the mini-games. Control Zowi's movements with the remote; you can make it walk or balance on tiptoes, change its gestures or coordinate its dance moves! You can also program actions in the order that you want Zowi to perform them. And much, much more! Discover: Put your knowledge to the test, overcome challenges and learn more about your robot. With every test you pass, you will unlock new actions. Program it with Bitbloq. Zowi comes with a reprogrammable board so that you can teach it new things. You can do this using Bitbloq , Bitbloq is a simple and intuitive block-programming tool. Create tunes with the buzzer and program it so that it reacts to the sounds you want. You can also dismantle Zowi to see what it’s like on the inside and add new sensors to be programmed on Bitbloq . Have you got a 3D printer? Design new frames to personalise Zowi! Play, learn and create with Zowi. On the website, you’ll find all the latest news and updates, projects, tutorials and downloadables you need to get the best out of your robot. Create science, music or dance projects that will teach you more about robotics and the world that surrounds us. Keep up to date! Discover the Zowi website Specifications DIMENSIONS Product: 140 x 150 x 93 mm Product plus box: 191 x 225 x 156 mm WEIGHT Product: 461 g Product plus box: 880 g MATERIALS PC + ABS injection-moulded pieces ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Zowi controller board with buzzer and microphone included Zowi ultrasound sensor 5 x 6 px LED matrix LiPo 3.7 V 4040 mAh rechargeable battery 4 x Futaba s3003 servos Ultrasound cable LED matrix cable CONNECTIONS Dual nano-SIM slot Micro-USB slot AUTONOMY Playing time: up to 8 hours Idle mode: up to 80 hours BOX CONTENTS Zowi Micro-USB cable 2.5 mm Allen key Pick Documentation Personalisation stickers OTHERS Android app available (v.4.0.3+) Programmable with Bitbloq Compatible with Arduino™ LICENCE Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike This product "ZOWI" is a work derived from "BOB" by k120189 released under CC BY-SA ( , "ZOWI" was created under CC BY-SA licence by bqLabs. For more information, go to LINKS

DDG Extruder Kit.

£119.90 Code A10030

Description Designed and developed by BQ, the extruder HeatCore DDG provides a tensile force reduces the risk of clogging and allows printing with a wide variety of filaments as PLA, bronze, wood, copper and even flexible materials such as Filaflex. Everything you need for a flawless print Reaches the printing temperature quickly Quality control and testing by our technical team Ceramic cartridge heater 40 W 12 V Integrated thermistor 100K PTFE reduces friction tube PROPERTIES mechanical extruder Extruder own with Double Drive Gear, adjust traction and guiding filament for maximum compatibility with flexible / soft filaments, sink fins with axial fan nozzle print refigeración, Hot-End designed for easy maintenance, nozzle 0, 4 mm, 1.75 mm Filament SIZE AND WEIGHT Dimensions 65 x 85 x 75 mm Case Weight 886 g Box dimensions 157 x 125 x 123 mm BOX CONTENTS extruder Complete extruder body: Stepper motor sink fins with axial fan Thermistor 100K NTC ceramic cartridge heater 40 W Hot-End with machining PTFE inner tube and brass nozzle Extruder support Support for the extruder in powder coated steel for standard models Prusa i3 (included Prusa i3 Hephestos). Kit Cables Extruder 4 - wire cable for Nema 17 engine with JST connector cable 2 - wire thermistor extruder with two pin connector female Cables for fan and blower sleeve crimp terminal Cable heating cartridge with terminal crimp sleeve Screws 2 x Screw M4 x 6 DIN-7984 2 x Screw M3 x 10 - DIN-912 8.8 Class 2 x Nut M3 - DIN 934 Class 8 Accessories 1 x bag with 5 tubes PTFE parts machined