In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

                                                                       BUSY PRINTING PPE FACE SHIELDS FOR NHS/CAREWORKERS

                                                                                         contact us at if you need some


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                                                   SEMLEP BrightSparc EdTech Award for our work with 3D Printing in Primary Schools

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Welcome to 3D Print World 

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PLA = Play! Special Offer 3 x 300g 1.75mm pla filament

Super offer of 3 x 300g reels of bq PLA filament for the bargain sum of £25 click here to buy

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Glitter PLA 1kg Filament 1.75mmIn white, silver, gold, bronze and copper £22

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Modifi3d 3D Tool Special Offer

Special offer of this ingenious tool down from £24.99 to £22 - grab one while stocks last!

We make yours

Would you like to see your prototype in a form that can actually be passed around at your next meeting?

Send us your design. Or bring in an existing item for us to scan.

We can make you a replica.

Do you know someone with a forthcoming special occasion? Would you like a picture/name/novelty message on the back of an item as a gift? Bring us your ideas. 

We can make it for you.

Build your own printer

Of course we sell printers fully assembled and ready to start making your things at home today. But if you want to really understand what makes them tick (and save money) why not assemble it yourself?

We supply comprehensive instructions and it should take you 6 - 10 hours. 

Every printer comes with 4 units of genius supportincluded.


High quality filament only

Of course, we know you can get filament from lots of places, but if you give us a moment, we can explain why it might be better to get it here:

1. If you live near Aylesbury, come and pick it up in person from our store. It's quicker, cheaper and saves you postage costs.

2. Alternatively, order by 1pm and we can drop it off for you the it same day. No charge.

3. You can buy cheap filament on sites like ebay but it's really a false economy as it could be full of sand; it won't print nicely; it could clog up your extruder.

4. If you fancy trying something new but don't want to commit to a full spool right now then we can supply by the metre. Or send you a sample for less than 3 quid.