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In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury




£15.00 Code A10044

New double adhesion formula fixing spray for 3D printers with hot and cold beds. The function of 3DLAC is to provide a firm and durable adhesion of the filament to the base, avoiding the movement of the piece on the first layers and eliminating warping (lifting of the sides). 3DLAC is suitable for all types of materials. The degree of adhesion depends on the temperature of the heated bed. Prolonged durability (400 applications approx.) Easy elimination of residue (with water).

BQ Heated bed kit for Hephestos 2

£209.62 Code A10041

Description: This kit will enable your Hephestos 2 to print using filaments that require a heated bed. It's very easily assembled and the board quickly reaches printing temperature. We use industry-leading suppliers for cables, connectors and components, which provides our kit with outstanding safety and durability, two features that we have prioritised. Please Note If your Hephestos 2 printer has a S/N lower than HF001864, you will have to solder a connector to the circuit board. If you need help with the soldering these pins please ask Specifications BQ Heated bed kit for Hephestos 2 DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Product plus box 1600g Box dimensions 347x281x58mm BOX CONTENTS Box contents 1x Power supply 24V 160W 1x 5 pin right angle connector 1x EU AC cable 1m 4x Acrylic spacer 1x Control board 2x Screw M2.5x12 DIN912 zink 1xHeatbed PCB 220x305mm 8x Black bridle 1x Power cable 609mm 2x Clip to guide cables 1x Signal cable 650mm 15x Round bumper foot COMPATIBILITY Compatibility Hephestos 2 MORE INFORMATION Characteristics Power: 160W Warmup time (50ºC): ~2min. Warmup time (100ºC): ~11min. Warmup time (110ºC): ~20min. Maximum temperature: 110ºC Links of interest Assembly BQ Hephestos 2 heated bed. See video Assembly heated bed BQ Hephestos 2: solder the connector. See video

BQ Unibody HeatCore Nozzle Cleaning Service

£20.00 Code A10018

BQ Unibody HeatCore Nozzle Cleaning Service Having problems with blocked nozzles? Then send us your blocked BQ Unibody Heatcore nozzle (make sure it is the same as pictured) and we will clean it out and also replace the ptfe lining price includes return shipping. Please purchase this service before sending the nozzle. Please note the thermistor wire and heating element are delicate so if you send them with the nozzle please package well as we will not be responsible for broken wires.

Extended bed kit for Prusa

£95.99 Code A10010

New bed expansion kit for your Prusa i3. This kit enables you to extend the printing area to 20×30 cm. The Y axis is now more robust and easier and faster to assemble. The kit includes: Acrylic bed and glass printing surface The acrylic bed holds the glass printing surface. At the same time it is fixed to your aluminium Y axis using screws and springs. The springs allow the height of the printing surface to be adjusted, while absorbing unexpected inferences with the hot-end. The acrylic based is designed for 8mm material. The corners have been rounded to avoid mechanical stress. Thanks to this we guarantee long term performance by avoiding cracking of the acrylic. - See more at: Voids have been made in the acrylic bed, removing 36% of the material of the solid part and reducing the weight considerably. The voids are made to match the aluminium Y carriage in order to achieve aesthetic equilibrium of the whole axis. - See more at: Rods The rods have been internally drilled with M4 threads. This enables them to be screwed in directly to the front and rear aluminium mounting plates. Consequently the assembly is made easier, the rods are shorter and the printed corners are not required anymore. The nylon washers serve to eliminate structural tension caused by variations (or tolerances) in the length of the rods, and also to absorb vibrations (and noise). - See more at: Front and rear aluminium mounting plates These parts are a derivation of the PowerCode 3 and GalaCC 4 equivalent parts. They have been modified in order to screw in the rods (previous versions used printed parts for assembly). These plates have been designed for 4 mm aluminium. - See more at: Assembly To assemble the new bed you must follow these steps: Print your own new parts. Download them from here . Assemble the new Y axis following the steps in the diagrams. Pay attention as you will need to reuse some of your printed and non-printable parts. Upgrade the firmware for the new printing area. Do not dismantle your printer until you have printed the new parts Printable Parts Y axis Endstop Holder This part is derived from the corresponding Prusa i3 Hephestos part. It has been made larger in order to fit the new length of the rods. This part has been derived from the PowerCode Y axis belt tensioner. An M3 screw has been used to facilitate its acquisition. A guiding appendix has been added to avoid the part to rotate around the screw, solving this problem that was present in the PowerCode Y axis belt tensioner Y-Axis motor holder This part is derived from PowerCode and GalaCC printer. It’s used to secure the Y axis motor to the rear mounting plate. Firmware Your current firmware may be configured to limit the Y axis length to 200 mm. You will need to upgrade the firmware in order to be able to print on the full 300 mm of your new bed. You can upload the firmware using Cura 3D. This video explains how to do it.

Face Shield

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Face Shield