In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

DDG Extruder Kit.

DDG Extruder Kit. - Image 1
DDG Extruder Kit. - Image 1
DDG Extruder Kit. - Image 2
DDG Extruder Kit. - Image 3


Designed and developed by BQ, the extruder HeatCore DDG provides a tensile force reduces the risk of clogging and allows printing with a wide variety of filaments as PLA, bronze, wood, copper and even flexible materials such as Filaflex.

   Everything you need for a flawless print

  • Reaches the printing temperature quickly
  • Quality control and testing by our technical team
  • Ceramic cartridge heater 40 W 12 V
  • Integrated thermistor 100K
  • PTFE reduces friction tube

    • mechanical extruder
      Extruder own with Double Drive Gear, adjust traction and guiding filament for maximum compatibility with flexible / soft filaments, sink fins with axial fan nozzle print refigeración, Hot-End designed for easy maintenance, nozzle 0, 4 mm, 1.75 mm Filament

    • Dimensions
      65 x 85 x 75 mm
      Case Weight
      886 g
      Box dimensions
      157 x 125 x 123 mm

    • extruder
      Complete extruder body: 
      Stepper motor 
      sink fins with axial fan 
      Thermistor 100K NTC 
      ceramic cartridge heater 40 W 
      Hot-End with machining PTFE inner tube and brass nozzle
      Extruder support
      Support for the extruder in powder coated steel for standard models Prusa i3 (included Prusa i3 Hephestos).
      Kit Cables Extruder
      4 - wire cable for Nema 17 engine with JST connector 
      cable 2 - wire thermistor extruder with two pin connector female 
      Cables for fan and blower sleeve crimp terminal 
      Cable heating cartridge with terminal crimp sleeve

      2 x Screw M4 x 6 DIN-7984 
      2 x Screw M3 x 10 - DIN-912 8.8 Class 
      2 x Nut M3 - DIN 934 Class 8
      1 x bag with 5 tubes PTFE parts machined


Product Code: A10030