In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

Customer feedback

March 2016 - Top notch service from you guys! Geoff

  • December 2015 - Awesome, thanks! DavidD
  • November 2015 - Many thanks- quick delivery-documentation looks good- about to assemble - THANKS. SimonP
  • November 2015 - Excellent service. Ordered Mon AM ready to collect from Argos on early Tues PM. MarkB
  • October 2015 - I' ve been wanting to try out 3-D printing for some time. I've been put off by the cost of a 'proper' printer being somewhere over £1000 and the thought of a cheaper 'build it yourself' kit stretching my limited soldering/electronics/open source IT skills (not to mention having limited time with 2 children to keep an eye on!). I shouldn't have worried so much. This kit comes with pretty much everything you need - including a spanner, hex keys and the all important colour printed instructions which take you from opening the box right up to having a completely built printer (more on the limitations of this later).What I've learned (so hopefully you won't need to)- You will need a soldering iron. Although all the electronics come soldered (its literally just a case of plugging in cables to the right sockets), you will need to place various nuts into slots in the plastic parts and then use the soldering iron to heat the nuts and so embed them into the plastic - this isn't difficult but does take a little time. A piece of flat metal (a dinner knife works fine) helps to make sure that the nuts are level when embedded.- The plastic parts have themselves been made with a 3-d printer and the holes will need a bit of filing to make sure that the metal rods and screws will fit. Again this isn't difficult, but does take a little time. I used a needle file and a semi-circular file, which worked fine.- Follow the instructions carefully - I found that I'd managed to fit the extruder on the wrong side which only became apparent when I realised there was no way the end-stop switch could be engaged.- There is an awful lot of wiring. Again, just take your time, particularly with the motors. MarkC
  • September 2015 - Excellent service and price. Sent and arrived very quickly. 10********** GrahamH
  • September 2015 - great product, worlds fastest delivery in less than an hour! MarkT

    September 2015 - This printer is awesome. Printing now lens caps and filter adapters like cakes.
    * it is rock solid
    *it has good parts not cheap ones.
    * the speed can be cranked to 90mms. If want more speed at 100mms it starts to move on the table.
    * never had any jams.
    *noisy. Probably motor dampers could lower the noise
    * some engineering solutions look weird to me. But it works. If you buy one you will agree with me on this.
    * has no heat bed.
    Overall highly recommended. RemusL

    August 2015 - Great item, great to deal with, fast despatch. Bill

    August 2015 - I purchased this printer because of the great instructions. I had never built anything quite so complex and I wanted to be sure the instructions were clear. There are multiple boxes for each stage and there are many pictures so there is little that can go wrong. I finished this with my son and daughter in about 10hrs and it worked first time. The only worry was the wire colours on the steppers did not exactly match the instructions so we were left guessing which way round some of the connectors attached. Fortunately since the wires are all terminated in plugs it becomes obvious which way connectors are inserted. The components are good quality and the extruder and hot end work well. This is one of the few heads designed to print in flexible filament...although it is still a slow process. The bed can be expanded with an additional kit...perfect for printing shoes...but beware printing anything over fist size will take many many hours. Nevertheless all components can be upgraded once you get familiar with the process. Lots of fun, thoroughly recommended. DavidS

    July 2015 - This printer was fun to assemble. I was printing about 4 hours after assembling. Initial prints were better than I expected. The price is higher than other prusa printers. But quality place the matter. AntonioD

    July 2015 - The BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos is a great 3D printer if you are on a low budget and don’t need to print highly detailed objects. With its big print bed and solid construction it is a great printer for hobbyists and tinkerers. I’m not sure if the printer is suited for total beginners, but as it is an open source design you can profit from the reprap community and many questions have already been answered on their forums. You can download every printed and non-printed part from BQ's github page and many people already have made their own additions on thingiverse.. Max

    June 2015 - Full marks on the packaging - excellent. I'm also very impressed with the thought behind the build choices; I wish more devices were built this way!. AndrewM

    June 2015 - All in all really happy with the purchase, everything was as stated. GaryC

    April 2015 - First class service and a quick delivery.AmandaS.

    April 2015- Very good service from 3D print world. I would recommend without hesitation. KrisC

    April 2015 - Thank you for the support and the printer. I can’t believe how easy it was to build and how well it has worked on my first few prints. I am already printing complex models and I am so glad that I didn’t spend 10 times as much on a so called ‘industrial’ printer. StuartS.

    April 2015 - If only id known about this place before i purchased my printer :-( i did a lot of research before buying my printer but wasnt sure what was what so bought the cheapest prusa kit i could find. My printer works but i should have bought the one in this shop for a few quid more as its so much better quality and looks fantastic. Im really thankfull to trever for sharing some of his wealth of knowladge with me and based on the support i was offered when buying a roll of filament, i will be buying one of their printers soon! I cant thank the staff enough for their helpfulness and enthusiasm today. I am so pleased ive found this place!!! KevinO

    March 2015 - Your service is great 20 out of 10.  The speed of delivery wonderful and I am very happy with the machine. SteveB

    March 2015 - Top seller. very happy. I'm so happy with the help from there tec team. IainL

    February 2015 - Arrived on time assembly instructions were good m/c is already up and running. MichaelE

    February 2015 - This a wonderful piece of kit. Buy one. IanG

    February 2015 - Incredible quality especially considering the Price. I currently own 2 other printers and neither have the same resolution or finish as this machine. I could not be happier. PaulW

    January 2015 - I recently bought a Prusa i3 3D printer for our Makerflux workshop. It was sold as a kit, although it could have been assembled for a relatively small fee.

    The staff were helpful and polite and shipped it immediately for next day delivery. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and can recommend them. StevenP

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