In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

1.75mm Sky Blue PLA Filament

1.75mm Sky Blue PLA Filament - Image 1

PLA 1.75mm Sky Blue 1KG


This premium quality PLA is made by BQ in the same Spanish factory as our Prusa and Hephaestos 3D printers and is manufactured to the highest standard. It has excellent opacity and produces outstanding results both with BQ printers and when used to refill cartridges from proprietary spools such as Makerbot, 3D systems and XYZ.

One feature which helps you make better results is that each spool has an individual barcode enabling you to determine the maximum, minimum and average diameter. Informing the printer of these values enables more reliable prints.

You can consider it reference filament for the BQ range and at the same time we guarantee the performance of other printers with this filament. You will not invalidate your printer manufacturers warranty by using this PLA filament in your existing printer. [Under EEC law your supplier is not allowed to withdraw warranty provided the consumable you use meets EEC standards]

PLA (Polylactic acid) is the best material for getting started with your 3D printer, as it:

    •    hardens quickly

    •    has minimal thermal tension

    •    has minimal deformation

PLA is an ecological product that is derived from corn. No petroleum derivatives are used to produce it and it is totally biodegradable.

Printing temperature

     Optimum temperature 220 ºC

     Melting point 180 ºC - 220 ºC


Product Code: PLA1.75SkyBlueBQ1kg