In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

1.75mm Green HIPS Filament

1.75mm Green HIPS Filament - Image 1

HIPS Green 1kg

Having the same colour supporting material will ensure that there is minimum cross fading when using two different filament colours.

What is Supporting Material?
HIPS is a High Impact Polystyrene that can be used to make otherwise impossible shapes and models on your 3D Desktop printer. 

Note: You should wait until the printed object has cooled, as HIPS stays quite soft until cold, before you attempt to handle the object. You then soak the object in a liquid known as Limonene for approximately 11 hours.

When the HIPS has dissolved you should wash the printed part thoroughly with clean water.  The smell of Spanish oranges lingers for ages!

High precision dimension with 3.0 +/-0.10mm range
Good roundness with 3.00+/-0.08mm range

High precision dimension with 1.75+/-0.10mm range
Good roundness with 1.75+/-0.07mm range

Sorry, this filament is not available.