In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

Learning and Competitions


“ Pupils from St Paul’s who took part in F3D in 2016 are now applying the CAD skills they have learnt in their other D&T projects. This is having a big impact on the quality of work produced and the progress these pupils are making ”

“ Pupils from St Paul’s who took part in F3D in 2016 are taking a full part in the wider school community- mentoring younger pupils taking part in F3D 2017 and also supporting their peers with CAD in D&T classes ”

“ Many pupils who took part in F3D 2016 are presenting CAD work their teachers couldn’t! ”

“ the thing I really enjoyed was the experimenting with different car designs to get something that was aerodynamic and looking cool ”

“ The thing i liked was that i got to make my own body shape so that it’s aerodynamic and nice looking ”

“ what I liked about formula 3D is how I learnt how to make my body shell ”

“ I thought the formula 3d extended curriculum was really good as it did not only help us with further 3d modelling but it also was very fun”

“ I liked the different tracks types and how we all got a go. I saw all the different cars and the schools that completed/great fun and love the exhibition they showed afterwards ”

“ A good thing about the race was the track. I enjoyed racing with the controller because of the components. I looked at most of the stands but mostly enjoyed the monster trucks ”

" I think it was a really fun event to see and to take part in. It was great to compete against students from other schools "

" The thing I enjoyed about the Formula 3d was that there was a lot of interactive things to do and take part in. It was really fun to learn about 3d modelling and 3d printing"

" I enjoyed the designing part of the event because I really enjoyed designing cars using 3d modelling software and seeing it 3d printed "

" I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event from designing the cars through to racing the cars. The race track was great and it was really good that you could race on it again after the event "