In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury


And the winner is ......

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We are thrilled to have won the Biztech BrightSparc & Digital Award in the EduTech category

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The team from 3D Print World Sarah Dyckhoff, David Dilworth and Charlotte Jones together with Gary Stewart - 22nd November 2019

3D Print World have combined support, curriculum, training, software and a 3D printer to deliver a primary school programme already reaching more than 3,000 students and which schools have marked a remarkable 10/10

Getting 3D Printers out of the cupboard and into the classroom

On Friday 22 November, Milton Keynes and the South East Midlands’ leading technology and innovation awards were presented to some of the region’s top businesses, students and education establishments.

The awards, which were sponsored by Alphas, the University of Bedfordshire’s gateway to research and business development services.

Fredi Nonyelu, Chairman of Biztech technology forum in Milton Keynes and SEMLEP, explains: “We were proud to host another fantastic BrightSparc Awards, with this year being even BIGGER than any previous celebration event we have held.

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Excited to learn that we are finalists in the EduTech category of the BrightSparc & Digital Awards 2019 

22nd November 2019 for our work with Primary Schools and 3D Printing

Great Coverage on the UK launch of the Witbox Go! by bq at the TCT show at the NEC Birmingham 

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3D Print World collaboration with Natural History Museum Oxford and the RNIB

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The Natural History Museum in Oxford together with the Pitt Rivers Collection behind it contain the most amazing artefacts in the most amazing buildings .... s

And one challenge to be met was to assist blind and partially sighted people to enjoy both the buildings and the artefacts. Especially if they are too precious – or too large or distant – to be handled:

So the solution is to 3D Print versions of precious items so that they can be handled, experienced and decoded by them, providing tactile experiences, in what is normally a purely visual setting.

Take the capitals above each pillar in the Museum: Each pillar is made from a different granite or stone from a different part of the United Kingdom. And the capitals which top them off were made by the sculptors who carved the building stone with different plant and animal form. 

So the ‘capital’ stone at the top above each pillar is unique, but far too high to touch and therein lay the opportunity.

But far too high to touch and therein lay the opportunity - and the Museum outreach Team consulted with 3D Print World Aylesbury.

We took scans of one of the ‘capitals’ and suggested that we print it in four quarters, trialling four different materials. This allowed the Museum’s outreach team to test which filament produced the most tactile and engaging texture for partially sighted people.

 All the sighted people chose one material. All of the partially sighted chose a different one!

It has been an object lesson, funded by a Heritage Lottery Fund project in conjunction with the RNIB, in learning from those who actually benefit from experiencing the objects…

We also realized that we could connect the four different prints which make up the capital with magnets, so that it could be presented either as one complete item or separated into four different parts for handing round to enable more people to take part at the same time…

Which has turned out to be an inspired idea - and we are now printing another complete set in the material chosen by partially sighted people funded by the RNIB for use in the Museum’s outreach programme.

Finally, the appearance of these items here at TCT – loaned back to us especially for the TCT exhibition – is actually considered part of the legacy of the project, encouraging sighted people to have an understanding of and empathy with partially sighted people…

 Our thanks therefore to both the Natural History Museum and RNIB

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3D Print World, The Pitt Rivers Museum, the Helmet and the Little Owl

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The Haida culture is superbly represented in the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford – and our experiment started with a scan of this Haida helmet. The Outreach team consulted with 3D Print World Aylesbury as the Museum wanted to show the helmet without the painted finish as it was part of the programme for the partially sighted funded by the RNIB, bringing items close to hand and able to be experienced. Printing it in wood filament also shows how it would have looked before paint was applied.

However, we needed to know whether or not wood filament would survive the conservation process which involves putting all exhibits in a deep freeze to eliminate the possibility of any bugs infecting and damaging the collection.

The Pitt Rivers borrowed this owl from us to test the effect of deep freezing on wood filament (before using it on the helmet!) – and we are delighted for all to report that no ill effects were observed. We now know that our wood filament is conservation grade. And more scans – particularly of items which are far too big to reach and touch (such as the famous Haida totem pole which goes from the ground floor up three floors to the ceiling) are on their way!

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 3D Print World : Brain Diaries Exhibition - hero exhibits for the Natural History Museum Oxford

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Commissioned by the Natural History Museum, Oxford and using actual CT scan data, 3D Print World Aylesbury printed this collection of five brains for the current Brain Diaries exhibition. Between them, they show the effects of age and gender differences within a single family – together with a double size ‘post-brain’ with a letter box through it for competition entries.

All in a colourful and engaging way.

After consultation, we also built in the mounting points on our cad system – voids for the perspex columns to fit into so that the brains could be delivered in and fitted within the timescale leading up to the Exhibition opening - which we discussed and implemented from visiting onsite to come up with a solution which worked for the Museum technical team.

The bright colours and reflectivity in this our stunning range of filaments have added strong visual impact to the displays.

Most importantly, the curators wished to encourage visitors to touch and feel the brains as part of the experience – and for the brains to be strong enough to withstand this.

They do - and they are!

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Award Winning Oxford Brookes Racing helped by 3D Print World

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"2017 was the first year we truly took advantage of 3D printing on the Formula Student car. We realised that traditional manufacturing methods with Carbon Fibre limited us in terms of the complexity of shapes we wanted to achieve. In Aerodynamics, freedom of design is everything, so being able to easily and affordably design complex components is everything.

This is where 3D Print World Aylesbury came in. By using their expertise and hardware in 3D printing, we were able to create our most advanced aero package to date. We were able to wrap 3D printed components with Carbon Fibre, allowing us to benefit from the hardness of Carbon Fibre, while still being able to achieve complex shapes.

3D printing also allows us to transform ideas from CAD into something tangible incredibly quickly.  As powerful as CAD is, in a car assembly with thousands of components, nothing beats mocking something up in the flesh. This allows us to quickly see if something will work or not.

On our 2017 car, we created inner end plates, joins and certain internal support structures using 3D Printing. We also created ‘wing tips’ on the rear wing to help reduce turbulence. Furthermore, we were able to adapt certain existing components using 3D printed inserts, to make these devices meet the stringent regulations of Formula Student."

Chris Warburton – Head of Aerodynamics – Oxford Brookes Racing 2017 Team.

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14-18 March - British Science Week - we are at Aylesbury Library and Study Centre on Thursday 17th with our 3D Printers info here

15 March - Today we are taking part in the STEM fair at Sir William Borlase School in Marlow

11 December - Watch the new Hephestos-2 printing an I love you box in wood here

5 December - Hephestos-2 now in store and stock for next day delivery. Come and have a look at this very impressive machine. Or watch the video of it being unboxed and assembled here

11 July - John Hampden win the final of the 3D challenge, the winner of the concourse d'elgance going to Lord Williams. Both schools win a Prusa 3D printer.

1 July - Great article in Bucks Herald about the event on 11 July here

11 June - New Printbot Evolution now in stock - video here

19 May - Come along and support the schools competiion Formula 3D at Bucks UTC on 11 July

16-17 May - Many thanks for all the support from everyone who visited us at the UK Slot Car Festival in Gaydon

9 May - Watch the Fixpad video here

15 April - Come and see the new Ciclop Desktop scanner kit in store. Just £250!

27 March - Everyone is talking about this. The next generation of 3D printing as announced at TED.

28 February - Worlds first 3D printed jet engine

21 February - Our new scanner. Come along and get yourself (or something you want made) scanned with our new scanning capability.

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