In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

Hephestos 2 with Free Heated Bed

Hephestos 2 with Free Heated Bed - Image 1
Hephestos 2 with Free Heated Bed - Image 1
Hephestos 2 with Free Heated Bed - Image 2
Hephestos 2 with Free Heated Bed - Image 3
Hephestos 2 with Free Heated Bed - Image 4
Hephestos 2 with Free Heated Bed - Image 5
Hephestos 2 with Free Heated Bed - Image 6

Announcing the BQ Prusa Hephestos 2 with a Free Heated bed upgrade kit*

Building on the success of the Hephestos-1, this kit has been extensively re-engineered, providing the following additional features:

- Faster build time - now only 1-2 hours

- Self levelling bed

- New double drive gear drive

- Inductive sensor for greater precision

- Improved electronics with new LCD display

          - Heated Bed Upgrade

With the Hephestos 2, BQ have replaced the printed plastic parts with metallic ones. The use of aluminium and steel provides a professional finish and a more robust structure. These materials are combined with semi-transparent polymethacrylate parts which partially conceal the internal mechanism of the printer. It also has three support points and a retractable leg, which moves on the Z axis to adjust the height and stabilise the printer.

Assembly is literally as easy as A B C - just unpack and assemble according to the layers.

The printer is capable of printing with the following materials:


- Bronze

- Wood

- Copper

- Filaflex


  • Printing speed

    • Maximum: 200 mm/s*
      *Subject to materials, profiles and software used.
  • Resolution

    • Very high - 50 microns
      High - 100 microns
      Medium - 200 microns
      Low - 300 microns
  • Dimensions

    • Product without PLA reel - 450 x 516 x 571 mm (static) 605 x 516 x 571 mm (dynamic)
      Product with PLA reel - 450 x 516 x 661 mm (static) 605 x 516 x 661 mm (dynamic)
  • Extruder mechanics

    • Own design extruder with double drive gear traction setting and filament guide to maintain compatibility with flexible or soft filaments.
      0.4 mm nozzle for 1.75 mm filament
      Finned dissipator with axial fan controlled by firmware (low noise)
      Cooling blower
      Sensor specifically designed for 3D printing (auto-levelling)
  • General mechanics

    • Powder-coated aluminium base and frame
      Hard chromed bars for the Y axis
      Lineal ball bearing for the Y axis
      Recirculating ball bearing guides with flat runner for the X and Z axes
      Cable chain
      Flexible couplings for the screwed rods of the Z axis
      3-point print bed levelling system with shock absorber
      Rapid system for changing print bed
  • Software

    • Marlin-derived firmware
      New features: auto-levelling, manual levelling using inductive sensor exclusively designed for 3D printing, power-saver system
      Improved user interface
      Recommended environment: Cura Software, slic3r, Repetier, Kisslicer
      Files accepted: .gcode
      Compatible operating systems: Windows XP or later, Linux and Mac OS X or later
  • Communications

    • SD card reader
      Type B micro-USB port

    • Characteristics
      Power: 160W 
      Warmup time (50ºC): ~2min. 
      Warmup time (100ºC): ~11min. 
      Warmup time (110ºC): ~20min. 
      Maximum temperature: 110ºC
  • Box contents

    • 1x Power supply 24V 160W
    • 1x 5 pin right angle connector
    • 1x EU AC cable 1m4x Acrylic spacer
    • 1x Control board
    • 2x Screw M2.5x12 DIN912 zink
    • 1xHeatbed PCB 220x305mm
    • 8x Black bridle 
    • 1x Power cable 609mm
    • 2x Clip to guide cables
    • 1x Signal cable 650mm
    • 15x Round bumper foot 
    • Zum Mega 3D
      LCD screen with rotating encoder and navigation button
      Glass Heated bed 220 x 305 mm
      Power supply unit 220 AC 12 DC 100 W
      100k thermistors on Hot-End
      Heater cartridge 40 W 12 V

  • Watch the video of it being assembled here

    Watch a video of an I Love You box being printed in wood here

    * Free Heated bed while stock lasts


    Product Code: P10113