In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

Witbox Go!

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  • Winner of the international Red Dot design award
  • The first printer with an Android OS
  • Zetup, in-house software that is easy to use
  • Printing in 3D for everyone, in just minutes
  • Filament and print bed sensors

Order now at the special price of £599 (usually £649)

A trim design

The Witbox Go! blends in with the decoration of any home or office. With white as the main colour, its minimalist look and simple lines have earned it the Red Dot Best Product Design award. All its components are integrated making it discreet, light (barely weighing 5 kg) and compact.

Quality printing has never been so easy

The Witbox Go! is a smart 3D printer that automates a large part of the printing processes and requires almost no setting up. The texture of its removable bed provides good adherence for the object, and its sensors halt the printing if the bed is not positioned correctly, the extruder clogs up or the filament runs out. And thanks to the Trinamic motor-control chip, it's very silent.

A more efficient hotend

The Witbox Go!'s new hotend is more compact and thermally efficient. Its cylindrical heater provides fast and even heat distribution, which has allowed us to dispense with the teflon tube and reduce the risk of clogging without sacrificing print quality. Furthermore, the nozzle is insulated by a rubber capsule, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Zetup, simple and intuitive software

Zetup has been designed in-house. It's easy to use and is available for PC and Android devices. To print an object all you need to do is select the quality level and fill density. There is free access to the MyMiniFactory object library. The printer can also be used with other open-source software packages.

Printing made easier with NFC technology

The loading process is easy under Zetup's guidance and the initial setup is automatic. NFC technology in our PLA spools (custom made) conveys data, such as the remaining amount of filament and its colour, directly to the printer. Getting your Witbox Go! up and running is so easy that you'll be launching your first print just minutes after unboxing it.


    • Android M

    • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410

    • 8 GB

    • High, medium and low resolution

    • Product: (x)300 x (y)255 x (z)480mm
      Enclosure: (x)405 x (y)350 x (z)540mm 
      Print volume: 140 x 140 x 140 mm

    • All metal
      Axial heater
      Thermal insulation
      Bowden-system DDG extruder

    • Magnet-fastened print bed
      Adhesives not needed (hairspray, tape, etc.)

    • End of filament sensor
      Clogged nozzle sensor
      Print bed sensor
      Auto-levelling via electrical contacts
      Noise reduction
      Notification LED

    • Zetup
      PC: Windows and Linux
      App.: Android

    • Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g/n
      NFC - Automatic filament detection
      Type B micro USB

    • Witbox Go! 3D printer
      300g spool of 1.75mm PLA
      Print bed
      EU to USA plug adapter
      USB to micro USB cable
      Printed test piece
      Quick guide and warranty

    • Certifications CE, EAC
      Updates via OTA

    • Product: 4.8Kg
      Product plus box: 7.5Kg
*Usable memory: 4GB. The space available for the user may vary according to the firmware version installed. The remaining memory is allocated to the operating system, cache memory and other system elements.


Product Code: WitboxGo