In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

Make Face Shield in Natural PLA

Face Shield in Natural PLA - Image 1
Face Shield in Natural PLA - Image 1
Face Shield in Natural PLA - Image 2
Face Shield in Natural PLA - Image 3
Face Shield in Natural PLA - Image 1

Face Shield Description

With the help of volunteer printers and packers, we have produced and delivered over 16,000 face shields printed on 3D printers installed in our shop and volunteers homes and offices.  Having been asked to print some visors for a surgery, we could not believe the acute shortage of them across the care sector. 

Please note our shields are not CE marked and are not suggested for use in clinical situations.

Our objective is to produce and distribute as many as possible

Please note: The Chancellor has kindly removed VAT from the Shields, however, as we have no other zero-rated products, the website is unable to allow for this at this time.

You will receive a correct zero rated Invoice with the Shields. The website invoice will however calculate the correct total amount as if there was VAT involved to make sure that the actual amount to pay is easy to see. The invoice to use for your accounts is the one which comes with the Shields! Simples!


We used a Hephestos-2 Prusa Kit to print our Face Shield with 1.75mm Natural PLA.

Nozel Temperature: 220°C

Print Time: 30 mins

Filament required: 32 metres of Natural PLA.

Cost of material used: £2.46