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In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

More Hephaestos assembly tips

The latest Prusa's do not require soldering, however it is useful to have a soldering iron to fit the nuts into the plastic parts. Be careful not to overheat and put too much pressure on the nuts, otherwise they will go too deep and get stuck.

- A needle file is needed to ream the holes
- It will be faster if you have an allan key, socket handle-based tool, preferably with a ratchet drive
- It will save time if you start by reaming out all holes to the correct size. You could use a drill, but beware of using a power drill in case you ream them out too large.
- Lay all the parts out before beginning each section
- Open the fittings carefully and lay them out in a manor that all the labels are visible
- LCD panel support. Thread the nut onto the centre bolt to stop it skewing
- Put the rod in boiling water to help ease it in the plastic part
- There should be some extra bolts and screws, but it might be worth having a few spares in case some types are not present
- Put cable on motor before fitting to plate
- 2 axes - cut plastic parts to help ease rod insertion
- Use protective gloves when handling the glass bed to prevent finger marks
- Make sure the belt does not touch the edges of the pulley
- Garden wire can help to pull the cables through the cable tidy
- When feeding cables through the tidy, connect them to the board so you know you will get the connections right