In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

Assembling your Hephaestos

Some tips from Dave, who recently assembled one blind from the instructions:

Additional tools needed. Screwdriver with removable heads, for Allen key heads (2mm and 2.5mm needed i believe) Also ‘helping hands’ for the soldering.

Chapter 1:

Fit the nuts: Do this. But whilst you have lots of plastic parts out, go through the ENTIRE model and find all the plastic parts. Then read all the manuals, and if there is a part that requires a smooth rod or other part to be passed through it, or any sliding interaction with another plastic piece, get a smooth rod and a file/sand paper and make sure that it goes through smoothly. This will save A LOT of time later on.

Preparation of motors. Flattening the motor spindles is not really necessary.

Preparation of the motor’s cables: Does not need to be done straight away. Would recommend doing this right at the end during wiring.

Chapter 5 - Fixing with flanges. I found the zip ties not to be necessary and the slot that the rod went in was secure enough and did not allow any movement.

Chapter 6. Section 4- Routing extruder cables……

Don’t thread the extruder motors cables first, do the hot end cable first, then the motor cable. Towards the end, they get quite tricky, use a small flat blade screwdriver to assist in pushing them through one by one.

Chapter 8- Routing and connecting the cables.

This is when i did my cable lengths. The guide lengths are good, but lead to a lot of excess on some extensions. If i was to make a second printer for myself, i would measure the length needed to go the neatest way into the motherboard using string, then i could cut the cables to the perfect length with no excess. But this would be purely a personal preference.

As you are soldering the connectors on to each motor, scratch into the connector which on it is (eg X, XL, XR, Y)

If you haven't seen it, video of build tips here: