In store at 2d print world Aylesbury
In store at 2d printworld Aylesbury

Upload your design and we will make it

If you have already designed something we can make it for you...or we can help by designing your prints

Personalisation for our local artisan butchers - check out the lovely images on their Instagram pages :

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A new lease of life for a ski boot.....

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Prototype exhause

You might just want an early prototype before committing to an expensive fabrication. Or a mock-up of a building. Or something you just made for fun.

If you have skills in a CAD package, then send us your design. We'll check it to make sure that it is feasible and come back with a quote for making it for you.

We can make just about anything from plastic earrings to carbon fibre wings for Formula 1 cars. Some things take us a little longer than others, of course!

Maximum print size is 210  x 297  x 200 tall and a .stl file is preferred. 

Do you have a broken minor component in your otherwise serviceable washing machine/lawn mower/car/gym...

Replacement knob

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But the product is out-of-stock; or the supplier went bust; or it takes too long to ship?

We might be able to make you a new one just by scanning it. Or taking some measurements and designing a new one. You might even be able to download the design from the supplier or from someone else who had the same problem in the past. 

We can make you a replica.

Send us an email at and we will get onto it....

Maximum print size is 210  x 297  x 200 tall and a .stl file is preferred.